Working Group 1: Intelligent systems approaches for critical infrastructure systems (CIS)
Working Group 1 Chair: Marios Polycarpou (Cyprus)
Working Group 1 Vice-Chair: Janusz Kacprzyk (Poland)
The objectives of Working Group 1 are to:
• Make contributions to the theory of control of large-scale CIS
• Develop a theoretical framework that will enable the analysis of the robustness of large-scale complex and distributed systems
• Develop models that can capture the dynamical behaviour of large-scale CIS
• Develop computational intelligence tools for monitoring CIS
• Investigate and develop fault models that are appropriate for CIS
• Investigate and develop inference and data mining tools for CIS
• Design methodologies for intelligent management, monitoring and control of CIS
• Develop algorithms and tools (hardware/software) for CIS
• Classify common problems and solutions for each of the research areas of the Action
• Develop methodologies for monitoring, control and safety of more than one infrastructure in a common framework.
  Last Update: April 18, 2013